General August 16, 2022

What to Look for When Buying a Waterfront Property

What to Look for When Buying a Waterfront Property

A waterfront property means taking in daily sunsets, listening to the sounds of the waves and having unlimited opportunities to enjoy an afternoon on the water. Buying a waterfront property comes with different criteria than purchasing a house surrounded by land. There are essential factors to consider from assessing the water, the shoreline and surrounding area before you buy a waterfront property. Read on to gain insight into what to expect when you’re buying a waterfront home.

Find a Waterfront Specialist Broker
The broker you hire to help you find your waterfront property should specialize in homes on the water. They will be able to explain the nuances of waterfront property details, advantages and disadvantages of particular lakes, and other aspects you may not have considered if you’ve never purchased a waterfront property.

Think Through How You Will Use the Home
There are many different motivations for buying a waterfront home. Some homeowners love boating and watersports, while others love to sit in the backyard and watch the boats fly by. Also, some homeowners want a home built for entertaining family and friends, while others prefer a retreat to recharge. Imagining how you will use the house now and in the future will help you hone in on the best house for you. For example, if you have young children, safety features such as putting up fencing are important. If your children are older, think further into the future and consider a home that could accommodate any future grandchildren.

Place More Importance on the Property Instead of the Structure
With a waterfront property, the property itself is more important than the home. While you can always make updates to a house, you can’t change the water quality, water access, or direction the house faces. If you want to swim in the water, having access to clean water that is free of weeds and debris is vital. Also, if you dream of taking in a sunset every evening, the backyard has to face the west. If multiple steps are required to access the pier, this might not be the best if you have young children or plan to use the home well into your retirement years.

Understand Property Limitations Before Purchasing
Before extending any offers, check the local limitations about making any changes to the property. For example, if you want to add a seawall or a dock, it’s essential to be sure you can make these changes before closing on a property and then finding out you can’t. It’s also important to understand what water activities, such as types of watercraft, are allowed on the body of water. If the property is part of an HOA, familiarizing yourself with these rules and regulations is also crucial if you want to update the house.

Being thorough during your homebuying process will ensure you purchase the house that is best suited for your current and future lifestyle.